Seth Fucks the Photographer


Seth has just woke up and is enjoying a nice cup of coffee when he sits down at his computer to finish up some work. He notices a conversation online and quickly realizes that his BF Alejandro has been cheating on him. Seth calls up the photographer Daxton to get an appointment for a photo shoot but he also wants to get back at his BF.

Seth rushes down to Daxton’s studio and they begin the photo shoot. Daxton is loves to tell he what to do as he has him undress to reveal his sexy built body. He can only hold back for so long and Daxton goes in for the kiss as they both let their hands explore as they make out. Daxton drops to his knees and begins to suck him dry as he strokes and gulps his cock down his throat.

Seth pushes him over and dives face first deep into Daxton’s smooth tasty ass. He starts licking his hole up and down while using his fingers to loosen Daxton up for a nice hard cock. He pushes deep inside him as Daxton takes it all in and lets loose a pleasure of moans as Seth’s balls keep slapping around up against Daxton. He fucks the cum out of him and then pulls his dick out and blasts it all over his back. Afterwards He is thankful for the encounter and rushes off to end his relationship.