Tommy Fucks his Sisters Boyfriend


Tommy Defendi is lying in bed with Wolf when the phone rings. His sister called to break the news about her engagement and wants her brother to meet her man, Duncan Black. He is less than enthused, knowing that Duncan is her rebound from her last guy. His sister, Arden, and Duncan go up to the house and conversations are had over bottles of wine and embarrassing family photos. Duncan wonders if Tommy thinks he isn’t good enough for his sister, but he tells him nobody is good enough for her.

Tommy calls his hookup Brendan Patrick over for another night of fun. Duncan can hear them in the bedroom. Brendon climbs on top of him, their stiff cocks rubbing against each other as they make out. Brendan takes his dick into his mouth, and has trouble forcing it’s thickness to the back of his throat. But after a long passionate blow job he fucks Brendan, pounding his asshole. When he shifts him on his back, Brendan can’t take any more and comes all over his stomach. He pulls out and cums on Brendan’s furry stomach.

Brendan and Tommy are lying in bed, but he is only paying attention to his phone. Brendan asks Tommy where things are going, but he says nothing, silent. Brendan leaves, upset, telling him not to call him again for sex. Duncan heard it all, and is up and listening.