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Armando Fucks Billy in the Shower

EXTRA BIG DICKS PRESENTS BILLY AND ARMANDO Billy is showering after the game and Armando can’t stop staring at him as the water glides down his hairy beefy body. The staring becomes too much for Billy so he… Read More

XL and Jin Fuck Like Wild Animals

NEXT DOOR EBONY PRESENTS XL and JIN This is a feast for the eyes! When two very attractive men notice each other, just outside of a busy, downtown park, sparks fly right away. XL was just relaxing on… Read More

Greg Stops By Next Door Casting and Fucks Hard

NEXT DOOR CASTING PRESENTS MARKIE AND GREG Rocco and the crew find Markie More still asleep in bed, even though he’s got a scene to shoot. Apparently he’s overslept, while eager newbie Greg Jamison waits in the next… Read More

Graham Fucks His High School Buddy

NEXT DOOR BUDDIES PRESENTS MARK AND GRAHAM As Mark Long exits the vehicle and surveys the spread, it becomes clear that his old high school friend, Graham Addison, has done quite well for himself since leaving their hometown…. Read More

Harley Shows up for a Casting Call

MALE REALITY PRESENT ASLAN & KOTLY Markie has busted out his selfie stick and is messing around with GoPro when Rocco informs him he’s got a visitor waiting on the casting couch. Harley Hardman is a lean sexy… Read More

Seth Fucks the Photographer

MEN OVER 30 PRESENTS SETH AND DAXTON Seth has just woke up and is enjoying a nice cup of coffee when he sits down at his computer to finish up some work. He notices a conversation online and… Read More

Big Dicked Jace Fucks his Doctor

EXTRA BIG DICKS PRESENTS JACE AND ROMERO Jace has been having issues with sleeping as of late and can’t get any rest at all. His sleepless nights are catching up with him and he really needs to find… Read More

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