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Hot Twink Loses His Virginity When He Can’t Pay

SHAWN COLLECTS HIS ALTERNATIVE PAYMENT Ron came by to explain to Shayne why he would not be able to pay him the money he owes him. Shayne was not willing to hear any excuses but did give Ron… Read More

Coach Puts Cody And His Friends to Work Sucking Cock

DICK DORM PRESENTS COLLEGE STUDS CODY AND FRIENDS Blake, Cody and Joe are all on the football team and don’t like to study. They spend most of their dorm room time jacking around and slacking. If they don’t… Read More

Alejandro Takes his First Cock on Boys First Time

MATTHEW AND ALEJANDRO PLAY HIGH STAKES POOL Alejandro and Matthew were just hanging out playing some pool. Matthew decided to up the ante. Little did Alejandro know that they were playing for blow jobs. Once Matthew had won… Read More

Chaase Gets His Friend Chico To Go Gay!

CHAASE AND CHICO GET BUSY ON BOYS FIRST TIME Chaase was at home, alone, and very horny. Chaase’s friend Chico called him up asking if he could borrow a few bucks. Chaase said he would lend him the… Read More

Derek’s Straight Friends Try Gay Sex

DICK DORM PRESENTS COLLEGE STUDS DEREK AND FRIENDS College boys are silly. They are silly and horny and willing to experiment with just about anything. The dudes in this recent submission decided to fuck their gay roomie Derek… Read More

College Stud Broc Gets Tricked into Gay Sex

DICK DORM PRESENTS COLLEGE STUDS BROC AND FRIENDS College is the best time in life. Straight dudes, confused dudes and gay dudes can all get together and do whatever they want. Broc uses a college experience is the… Read More

Aslan Gets a Massage and a Monster Cock

MALE REALITY PRESENTS ASLAN AND HIS FANTASY Need a little tension squeezed out of your shoulders? How about out of your balls? These two hot Euro Twinks get down to business after he comes in complaining about pain… Read More

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