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Peter Goes in for the Big Dick Check-up

EXTRA BIG DICKS PRESENTS ROMEO, JACE, & PETER Dr. Romero is having a study to find out if big dicks cum more than the average cock and his two specimens have some very nice big cocks for this… Read More

Big Daddy Max Fucks Little Twink

COCK VIRGINS PRESENTS MAX AND JORDAN Jordan is headed over to his buddies Dads house to see if he is back for spring break from College yet. Jordan knocks on the door and his buddies Dad Max answers… Read More

Jace Fucks the Handyman Hard

EXTRA BIG DICKS PRESENTS JACE AND FERNANDO Jace has hired Fernando to clean up his yard. Hes had been all over the neighborhood nailing signs to posts stating he’s the best backyard picker upper. Jace wants to put… Read More