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Horse Hung Jin Fucks Black Man

NEXT DOOR EBONY PRESENTS JIN & REX Imagine it: you’re Jin Powers and you’ve had your eye on your close friend, Rex Cobra. Although you lust after Rex on a regular basis, you know Rex isn’t sexually attracted… Read More

Cowboy Garrett Fucks Twink

NEXT DOOR BUDDIES PRESENTS COLTON & GARRETT For Colton Casey, the move west has been slow and sort of boring. Relocating from his home out to this remote area is fine, but not knowing anyone sure does make… Read More

Benn Fucks his College Buddy for the First Time

COCK VIRGINS PRESENTS BENN AND NICK Benn and Nick are going over their report to make sure they have not forgotten any pieces of material that should be added. It all looks good and ready for the teacher… Read More