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Coach Puts Cody And His Friends to Work Sucking Cock

DICK DORM PRESENTS COLLEGE STUDS CODY AND FRIENDS Blake, Cody and Joe are all on the football team and don’t like to study. They spend most of their dorm room time jacking around and slacking. If they don’t… Read More

Chaase Gets His Friend Chico To Go Gay!

CHAASE AND CHICO GET BUSY ON BOYS FIRST TIME Chaase was at home, alone, and very horny. Chaase’s friend Chico called him up asking if he could borrow a few bucks. Chaase said he would lend him the… Read More

College Stud Broc Gets Tricked into Gay Sex

DICK DORM PRESENTS COLLEGE STUDS BROC AND FRIENDS College is the best time in life. Straight dudes, confused dudes and gay dudes can all get together and do whatever they want. Broc uses a college experience is the… Read More

Greg Stops By Next Door Casting and Fucks Hard

NEXT DOOR CASTING PRESENTS MARKIE AND GREG Rocco and the crew find Markie More still asleep in bed, even though he’s got a scene to shoot. Apparently he’s overslept, while eager newbie Greg Jamison waits in the next… Read More

Straight Boy Jake Fucks Duncan

COCK VIRGINS PRESENTS DUNCAN AND JAKE Rumors are spreading about Duncan that he is gay and they are true but he wants to let his roommate know before the rumor mill gets to him fist. Jake his roomie… Read More

Nurses Steven and Kory Study Anatomy

EXTRA BIG DICKS PRESENTS STEVEN AND KORY Steven and Kory are some of the best RNs at the local hospital and rumor has it that Dr. Romero has been getting frisky with some of the patients. The two… Read More

Zane and Drake Fuck at a Gym

NEXT DOOR BUDDIES PRESENTS ZANE AND DRAKE Zane Porter has an important decision to make. On one hand, he can get married to the fiance that his parents have picked out for him. On the other hand, he… Read More

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